Sunday, 26 February 2012

eeek! hello bunnies!

I trust everyone is having a debauched and spectacularly Vom-filled Carnival weekend?? I couldn't decide what to dress up as, I just didn't think anything could top the amazeballs Lady Gaga skeleton outfit at Halloween, and I simply couldn't bear to underwhelm my plethora of fans with a sub-parr costume - so I thought it best if I left the country.

So here I am in lovely Beirizzle, visiting my hard-working papa, watching Six Nations rugby, eating Manouches, and raiding h&m. I really like disappearing from Cyprus every now and again, I think it is very helpful to ones sanity, plus it gives me a bit of time to miss things and people, and it makes me really appreciative of how super awesomesauce my life is in Nicosia.

I'll stop with all the squish-squishness now, suffice it to say, I'm a pretty happy bunny overall.

Here are some pictures from an awesome Cosmopolitan editorial we just did, it should be out soon, and it is all COLOURS! and PATTERNS! and CLASHING PRINTS! and all sorts of very HIP TRENDS of the moment. Hurrah!

                These are some of my patterns and whatnot...and shoes and accessories...

                        Some awesome hair and make-up courtesy of Ilona and Monkey

Obvz, while everyone else is hard at work, Pan stuffs his face (and has clearly influenced Minnie too)

 Eventually, we start working (including Minnie (she shows the models how to pose))
 There is a bit of Monkey roomie love going on behind the scenes.
Someone is clealy eager to get home after a tiring day at work.

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