Monday, 6 February 2012

Hibernation Mode

Yet again, I start with an apology for infrequent posting. There is just something about this cold weather that really doesn't inspire me to blog. Or I feel I don't really have much to blog about since I spend days working and my nights tucked under blankets on my couch reading Game of Thrones, and who wants to read a blog about that I ask you? Not I sir, not I. So instead I have remained silent.  

The best part of my February so far has been the getting to change the page on my Ryan Gosling calendar of love to a new month, and a new Ry-Gos face. 
hubba hubba. 

Aside from that... I'm ill, and hibernating. And I kind of don't like being around a lot of people lately...I think I'm becoming some sort of stylish eccentric recluse. Who occasionally leaves the house to do some 80's dancing. 
I'll try and lead a more interesting life for your enjoyment if nothing else. 


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