Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New old additions

I do like finding new but old additions to my household. It gives me so much more pleasure than just buying some random print from Ikea or wherever. And I much prefer the process of stumbling across something special, somewhere you may have never thought to look, and you know it is one of a kind - it gives it more weight, more meaning, and more significance to its presence in your life. 

My newest old additions are - 
 A very cool portrait of King George the second of Greece (Γεώργιος Βʹ) who ruled twice, from 1922 to 1924 and then 1935 to 1937. I don't know when this portrait of him was done, but it has been sitting buried in one of the back rooms of my family home for over 26 years. As it went somewhat unclaimed (I had to fight my sister over it a little bit, but she is lovely and let me win) it has now got a lovely new place in my home. Joining King George are - a postcard of Serge Gainsbourg sent to me years ago by my lovely friend Johnny, a picture of a little girl covered in tattoo's (you can never start too young), Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali, and a Gilbert and George postcard also sent by the lovely Johnny (we went through a postcard phase in London). 

This is a real picture of King George (thank you Wikipedia) 

 My other new additions are two old frames found from the flea market in the old town of Brussels. It is such an amazing market, full of everything you could possibly imagine. It was the second time I went to it, and it was even better this time, mainly because the sun was shining which always makes me a happy bunny. I like to put on an awesome playlist and just stroll up and down to see what catches my eye - and then attempt to let loose my Lebanese side and do some intense bargaining (which never really goes too well, I fail at being Leb). So the one frame is an awesome vintage gilt one with a portrait of a couple in it, they look really happy and so properly groomed - not a hair out of place. The other one is a really delicate rose. I'm not really fond of flowers and such girlyness, but there was something about this that I fell for. I loved the colours in the frame and on the border of the picture, they have a really old feeling to them, and I liked how chipped and sad it could have looked anywhere else, but in my house it just kind of works. Accompanying (and surrounding) these additions are various old family pictures, and little figurines that I have from here and there. I do like me a bit of a random medley.


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