Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Yeah, I know, I failed at blogging yet again. What can I say? It's been a long, somewhat turbulent, somewhat strange, somewhat awesome, summer. And with all that my blogging skills fell somewhere by the wayside. It's on me kitties, and I'm gonna make up for it as best I know how.... which is...ummm... by drinking and sharing my general awkwardness and tomfoolery I suppose. 

So let's see... what went down this summer.... There was the usual amount (by usual I obviously mean overtly excessive) of debauchery and mayhem- drunken shenanigans, festival shenanigans, naked drunk pool shenanigans, awkward drunk shenanigans - all things considered there were a bucketload of shenanigans all round. 

A general overview of said shenanigans (while still attempting to be somewhat discreet so as not to completely shame any naughty accomplices) - 

Went festivalling in Brux with my wonderful godsister &co. 
Yes...i wore a backpack. lets not talk about it
day one, hour one - off to a brilliant start
We are gangsta posers with random new friends
Massssssive baguettttes. hubba. 
And I saw Beirut play, so now my life is complete.
and back to Brussels for sunshine and more food/alcohol/silly times.

Then the rest of july was a carefree medley of worky times, drinky times, silly times, and some other times - 
Minnie is clearly not impressed with my job.

I now have a baby donkey named after me.
Did a Cosmopolitan editorial for September, and finally used this cool location that I've been wanting to shoot at for years. (the issue is out now if anyone cares to see the finished product of my blood, sweat and tears) 

my little elzy doing awesome make ups. 
Panny pants being a moody photographer
pretty model
Some mandatory silly behaviours. 
Cosmo teaaam! 

Had some ridonkulously messy drunken silly fun in P-town (commonly known as protaras). Which encompassed everything from Lady gaga, to potential bar brawls, welsh dj's, red indian chiefs, 80's power slide injuries, and everything in between... 
my favez bar..
the lovely Shakster. 
I got ridiculously trashed and sent lots of amazing texts. Fact.
me and fred flinstone 
                                      Probably best if i don't even try and explain this hot mess... 
it's a nautical high-five, obvz
not sure what this was...
land ahoy!

Aaaaaand then the next day we didn't feel so hot... shocker. 

And then we roll on into August... sticky, sexxxxual, sunburnt, august. HOW WE LOVE YOU. 
Minnie got frisky with Chico
Vattis got frisky with some breakfast keftedes
had awesome pool chillout with my lovely ladies
Nicosia got tropic thundered
Bunny and Giraffe went food shopping
Bunny is a messy eater...
while I am sickeningly OCD
Paphos sunsets are pretty
as is a happy Dimitri in a pool with a drink 
my beautiful friends
obligatory dirtiness 
aaaaaand some more...
mojitos by the pool, don't mind if i do!
this is what happens when you overdo the day drinking
Much Bunny, Giraffe, Minnie love went down...
                        And then we had to leave holiday paradise and everyone was sadcakes.

Protaras photoshoot
an adorable bit of minnie pie. 
an adorable bit of my favourite babycakes
Pancakes got his first tattoo!
And I'm happy to find that after all the shenaniganning about the place - Nicosia hasn't changed in my absence. 
So there we have it boys and girls, summer 2012. Hope you enjoyed it
Peace&Love from a miscreant blogger

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