Monday, 12 September 2011

clearly, I'm banana's

happy monday lovely peoples. I hope everyone is recovered from a weekend of banana debauchery (or any other kind).
I have come away from this weekend with two very important lessons; one being that I think it is time that I actually seriously give my drinking habit a bit of a break, I mean, as fun as it is - waking up and not remembering half of the night has become a slight worry. And two, when wearing a huge inflatable banana on your head, try your best not to smack too many people with it, as inevitably someone will get pissed enough to rip it off your head and throw it into the crowd (if anyone has any information as to WHO that douchelord was, please come forward, I am very sad to no longer have my banana headpiece!)
So for anyone confused as to the banana references, the highlight of this weekend was an Afro-Banana party. And from what I remember (not much) and what I was told (too much), I had an awesome time! (as I'm hoping everyone else did, be a bit awkward otherwise).

what's that? a banana skirt you say? why hell yes!

started out with a banana turban, but as you can see from my pink cheeks, it was damn hot

banana nails! oh yes! I don't do things by halves

i love bananas coz they're good for you

here is a monkey and an australian making my banana headpiece

yes, i am that drunk, and yes, my banana is that big

we got banana's...and afro's...and drunk

powwwwwww! the afro banana master!

it's a banana 'fro hybrid, duh. 

wooop! doc martens power!

amidst the drunk, there was a lotta love 


monkey and sad banana but i don't know why?

australian banana

more sad banana faces :( 
peace&love&yeah, you guessed it, BANANAS

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