Friday, 16 September 2011

alcohol intake for the week, shockingly, zero.

I have been beyond super awesome this week, despite a very little amount of sleep (according to monkey it is due to the super-full moon that we just experienced).

A rough breakdown of my week goes as follows: I have imbibed no alcohol (I'm sure whomever experienced a conversation with me at the banana party is infinitely glad about that), no energy drinks (therefore no odd heart palpitations), minimum calories (not even craving carbs anymore, it's kinda cool). Three work out sessions (two personal training, one zumba). An awesome men's fashion editorial for Icon (and even awesomer, a gorgeous Irish model). A perfectly timed late night skype chat with two amazing friends (very little nudity, but not none at all). And a lot of drooling over Alexander Skarsgaard (when will you realise we are MFEO??).

All things considered, not a bad week wouldn't you agree? I don't really know what's going on with me lately, it's a bit weird but I'm going with the positive vibes. Work has been tough, but I'm so pleased with my shoots, with challenging myself to be excited about what I'm doing, and doing it with great results. Maybe it's all the Monster slowly leaving my this what people regularly feel like on a daily basis? Shit, it's not too bad. I'm also liking the slight feeling of autumn in the air (ok who am I kidding it's still mad hot...but I'm liking rocking out my shorts/boots combo. I feel like I'm getting back into my style groove, BUT I WANT TO LAYER).

I very much feel as though my internal mood dial is on some weird cusp that flips between really happy, positive, taking it all in my stride, then POW, flips over to total melancholic despair, insomnia, restlessness. Anyone have a cure? Or maybe just give me a little cuddle if you see me out and about. thanks.

Many cuddles with Minnie made me happy

Zumba sweatyness made me happy/sad

there is ACTUAL FACTUAL sweat dripping down my legs. Don't know how that made me feel. Wet, I guess. 

my lovely Irish model made me feel quite a lot

This just straight up amused me: It's the myth of  news anchors who wear suit/shirt on top, and nothing but boxers underneath ;). Fret not, it was a close up shot.

late night skype saved my melancholy mood

this is what my necklaces look like in magic hour light, and it made being accidentally woken up at 6am totally worthwhile (thanks a lot pookie) 

owl, NYC, and a tooth made me happy

flip back to melancholy. BUT with an awesome hair accessory and skull poster , which make me less sad

yey! shorts and boots! 

more yey! found my watch!

well I'm just gonna end on a super high note obviously. Let's all just ride the wave of GORGEOUS.