Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day three of my new carb-free existence...


no mid week piss lounging by the pool like a louche mofo. It could only mean one thing, summer is officially over, my tan seems to have faded overnight, and I have gained 6kgs. I blame all of this on the MONSTER. Monster has ruined my life and my waist size. I literally tried to put on a pair of trousers last night AND COULD BARELY CLOSE THEM. I know some people have been appreciating my new peachy ass, and I thank you for the various squeezes, pinches and verbal compliments. But that shit just don't fly with me. So as of monday I have cut carbs drastically(so what does one eat if it's not carbs? I still don't know), no more monster (withdrawls), and reducing my alcohol intake (boring), and most extreme of all, tomorrow I have my first session with a personal trainer. WHAT HAS BECOME OF ME?!? oh yeah, my clothes don't fit after a summer of being the most louche-tastic being on the island. Daytime drinking, night-time drinking, eating, eating late night, and lying by the pool/beach does not burn too many calories I have realised the hard way. So it's time to get back to a new, improved routine.

I'll let you know how long I last.

Enough rambling, here are some delightful pictures...
Pan and I went boating while drinking wine

we didn't capsize despite the wine

I watched sunsets in Mosfiloti

and tanned with Franny

and watched more beautiful sunsets

watched some boys being extreme

Franny posed awesomely

I posed stupidly (nice new Ray-Bans though right?)

took some scenic pictures. cause I'm artistic like

gliiitttterrrr tan! 

...or maybe not too serious. lovely footballer shoot (plus me) for Down Town magazine

we make such a good couple no? 

 serious monkey business. I am so happy to work with hilarious people

Sneak peek at Cosmopolitan fashion editorial for october

yes, my styling is awesome.

while pan's is questionable (kidddddding ish)

my tan is pretty much gone.
I make models change in the car cause I'm a bitch like that.

lucky she was lovely and didn't complain

we always turn work into fun 

even the models get in on the longboard action (and in heels!)

i love nicosia

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