Thursday, 26 January 2012

The only rules in life you should follow

I have never fully professed my deep love and admiration for the wonderful and magnificent, Ron Swanson. Men don't come much more macho than Ron, and his views on life, government, women, and woodwork are all case in point.

He does have his weaknesses, mainly women named Tammy (his mother, and his two ex wives). I like that such a strong mustachioed man, who takes shit from no-one, can be instantly reduced to a lovesick, corn-rowed, mustacheless fella after one word from a Tammy.
Ron Swanson has many rules of life, and how to be great at it. You too can be just as great at Ron if you abide by his pyramid of greatness. 

I have mad love for all the characters in the brilliant Parks and Recreation, but I think the lessons that Ron teaches throughout the show really translate into real life. I mean just his advice on Poise alone is priceless -  "Sting like a bee. Do not float like a butterfly. That is ridiculous" Pure brilliance.

Since having Ron Swanson in my life, when I am faced with a problem, I just ask myself WWRSD? (What Would Ron Swanson Do?) And the answer is usually, nothing at all, because as any good Ron fan knows, he doesn't like to do much. Which is just part of his amazeballs way.


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