Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More Beiruty Madness!

The rest of the Beirut adventure 2012 passed with all the more awesomeness, loads of food, godsisterly visits, walking about, and some more food.
As I am currently on the second leg of my pre-summer holiday holiday, at my most magical of places in Protaras with my godsister, I wont go into too much description of what we got up to in Bei-rizz. I have terribly pressing matters to attend to- a tan to work on, many beers to drink, and modesty fins™ to perfect. So I leave you with some awesomesauce pics from the land of manouche's and almaza.

my papa's amazing garden Oasis

Breakfast Manouche's DELICIOUSNESS.
poseyness with sister 
Pretty Pan


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