Sunday, 3 June 2012

shooooo ya habibi!

I am currently in the land of Leb having an awesome long weekend for my papa's birthday (although he is stuck in the office) with my sister and pan-cakes. my gawwwdsister is here too, so its super EXCTIEMENT AWESOMESAUCE all around!

So the theme of yesterday was predominantly food related (as are most Beirut days because everything here is DELICIOUS)... but we carried out random exercises in-between massive meals. Beirut is undergoing a similar transformation to that in Nicosia, BIKE OBSESSION! They have a bike path along the sea-front, and bike rentals all over the city. It's really cool, although way scarier than riding in Nicosia as the drivers here are MENTAL, and you never know which direction they are gonna come at you from (giggle).
Beiruti Hipsters on Bikes.

hubbbbbaaaaa beeeer
more hubbbbaaaaa 
we love tits
Bike Crew of Beirut!

Ok I have to go and eat more food. 

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