Saturday, 23 June 2012


[listen to this while I am melancholy and reflective a while, please and thank you]

It is a shame that it always seems to take something bad happening for you to realise the goodness you have around you, the small things you should be grateful for every single day but always seem to overlook.
I know it's hard on a daily basis to stop taking the things you have for granted, but it only takes one thing happening to make you stop and think about all the amazing people and opportunities that you might go for months without thinking about. I know I do this too often, I become complacent about all the things I am truly thankful for in my life, and I hate that it takes something bad to happen to jolt me back to the fact that you can never be complacent towards what you should thank your lucky stars for having every day.
The people I have in my life, who hold a space in my insides, who are part of me, are all there for their own special reasons. They have helped me, laughed with me, watched me vom, let me cry when I needed to cry and picked me up of the floor when the tears were done. They are some of the most extraordinary people in the world and I cannot fathom what I would do if they weren't there. I owe them all I have, and then a thousand times on top of that.
The sad thing is that it becomes so easy to overlook that fact, to go a day, a week, a month, without speaking to someone you consider an important part of your life. But, honestly, what the fuck would you do if one day you knew they might not be around anymore to answer your call, and you had let so much gone unsaid because you took for granted they'd always just magically be there.
So to all the people in my life, the old, the new, and the future- you are all there because you are loved and because my life would just not be complete without you. And I will try to never take that for granted again.

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