Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hello Buenos Aires

The thing that I was most blown away by in Buenos Aires was the amazing street art. Graffiti, stencils, painting, stickers, they use it all and make it look damn awesome. It's everywhere- from the uber-hipster area's like Palermo (think SoHo in NYC), to the more gritty somewhat-dodge area's like La Boca (where we managed not to get robbed thanks to a local policeman who pointed us in a safer direction).  The streets and buildings are covered in such vibrant colours and style that make it impossible to know which side of the street to look at because there is just so much to take in. An unfortunate side effect of looking up all the time means your eyes are less focused on the pavement, where sadly there is quite large amounts of dog shit. Not so cool.  

i like how even though things overlap/differ in style, it all works. 
don't get caught with no knickers on ey. 
awesome house
coolest lamp-post ever 
little stencil-paint man
obviously, my dream house.
empty space taken over by green
creepy panda
i like all the different textures in the buildings and foliage
one of the most amazingly decorated buildings i saw. 

In La Boca
just a really big chicken..why not. 
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the first load of Buenos Aires pics.. more to come. xxx

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