Monday, 11 February 2013

σιδεβοοβ VS υνδερβοοβ

As you all know I am more than a little partial to flashing the σιδεβοοβ, my most flattering boob angle. However, it has come to my attention that 2013 seems to be over the σιδεβοοβ, and totes into the υνδερβοοβ. From celebrities in designer dresses on the red carpet, to chubbster teens in crop-tops (no one needs to see that much of you love, buy a bigger top), the υνδερβοοβ phenomenon is sweeping the world. And I'm totes not down with it.

For me, the appeal of the σιδεβοοβ is its' subtlety (when executed correctly). It is sexualizing an area of a woman's body which isn't usually on show, it is a hint of skin, an understated crescent of boob. I feel much more confident and sexy with a hint of σιδεβοοβ on show rather than the mainstream "full cleave" (probably because that's a look that I can't achieve without a lot of push-up help). So I really can't comprehend the attraction of the υνδερβοοβ, it kind of just looks like your boobs are one small bounce away from breaking free out the bottom of your top. Plus, you need to have pretty pert perfect boobs to be able to accomplish the look with any degree of subtlety. But I guess this look isn't so much about being subtle. It's more like, hey, look at my boobs, I simply didn't have enough fabric to cover them fully, and wearing a bra would just be absurd, so take a gander at my υνδερβοοβ.

The main υνδερβοοβ offender is Rihanna. I guess it's down to her flawless genes that she manages to pull off flashing boob all over town.
She's not a shy girl when it comes to υνδερβοοβ. Then you've got Beyonce on the cover of GQ (which must mean this is an actual trend, ahem)
Subtly υνδερβοοβυ 
Anyway, I feel like I've talked about boobs for far too long on a non porn-esque site. So I'll stop, and remain resolutely and staunchly in favour of the (perhaps now very passé, oh-so 2012) σιδεβοοβ. And you readers, what is your boob preference in the σιδε VS υνδερ debate? Where do you stand on this pressing and ultimately pointless discussion? Answers on a postcard 

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