Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 2 and we're rolling smoothly...

The fact that I am posting for two consecutive days gives me a positive feeling about this blog, usually I get bored/run out of things to say/think no one is reading, by day one. But guess what...I'm not bored/I still have things to ramble about/and if no one is reading, well then I am writing for my own sake and that's good enough for me.
Today's pictures come from around my house. As my sister recently said to me "I love your house, it's just so weird, you never know what you're going to see". It's quite true, it may be ramshackle, dusty, ant-infested, but it is home to a growing  collection of odds and ends. Being a fashion stylist and having a flatmate who is a hair stylist, we tend to accumulate a rather growing amount of, how do I put this creatively, hmm...well...we have a crap-tonne of cool shit yo. From wigs and stripper heels to portraits of Saddam and dwarves (fake, don't worry, I'm not some mentalist who traps little people in my house), it is really the kind of place where you can find just about anything.

To date, I have shot one men’s fashion editorial (for the now defunct Omikron Antras) and about four random shoots for Omikron, Cosmopolitan, etc. The cool thing about my house is that it has the ability to be transformed to suit whatever style I need for my shoot. I think that is the true mark of a fashionable person, you have the ability to transform yourself depending on your mood, and I’m glad that as a stylist I have a house that does the same. (It especially comes in handy when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to leave the house to do my shoot-haha don’t tell on me)

Another reason I thought it might be nice is because we’re all secretly voyeurs just a little bit, and I know I really like seeing glimpses inside peoples houses. So for all of you who haven’t seen my house, here is a little peek… until The Selby decides to come by and take some much better pictures that is…

i heart nyc

my mums old camera (given to her christmas 1973, given to me 1992)

postcard of a painting by akis pattihis, postcard from barcelona

mmm hoothoot! and vintage xylophone

the dwarf (see he isn't real)

random bag from charity shop (50p!) marc jacobs tote from nyc


it's all squiggly to me




what can i say, i'm thirsty

klubd poster-board and oats

papa's tape deck

map of lebbo-land

dont hassle the hoff, jaeger and the outline of my skowelton (it's a skeleton owl hybrid dontcha know?)

comic from a feller in a brooklyn bar. empty piggy bank. creepy doll headpiece

i love converse

but i loooovvveeeee lanvin (my skowelton even wears lanvin heels)


a small fraction of the coat section of one of my wardrobes (im such a douche i know)

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  1. Cool beans! you should post pics of the tvs by the front door! xx