Wednesday, 20 July 2011

On life, on death.

Today I went to the second funeral that I have ever been to. Words cannot really describe the full extent of how horrible funerals are, and the multitude of emotions that go along with attending one. Instead of focusing on the sadness of the day, the grief, and the burial of a person who by all means should have had a lot more years on this earth, I want to take a more positive path.

Death is an unavoidable part of life. It is something that we all fear, that we all hope will never happen to us or those close to us,  but inevitably it does. Whatever your belief system is, everyone hopes (but I guess none of us really know) that with death comes freedom of your spirit, and peace. I certainly hope this is true.
I'm not a religious person. I have my own set of beliefs, and I attempt to live my life with no regrets, with certain morals and standards. I try not to lie, steal, cheat, I try to be a good friend and treat people with the respect that I would like to be treated in turn with. I believe that death has to be a natural part of life, we all get an amount of time on this earth, unfortunately for some it seems far too short, but this is something that needs to be accepted after time.

Concurrently to mourning should be a celebration of that person's life, for however long or short their time was. Being in a church today made me think of religion, of life and death, of peoples reaction's to all of this. I never attend church, I don't pray, I believe in a god that might be different to yours, but life is life and we shouldn't take a day of it for granted. Whatever your choices in life, they come to you for a reason, whatever path you go down in life is for a reason, even if it seems wrong or brings heartache at the time.

So this is what I want -
When my time comes, I want to be celebrated, I want a huge mother-effing party where all your sexy asses get krunk and rowdy. I want there to be a dress-up theme, no black allowed, feathers in your hair, highest heels possible, veuve cliq and no tears please. Don't put me in a box in the ground, burn me in a fucking fabulous dress and some Lanvin's, scatter me in the following places:
The magic bay in Protaras, and the secret island.

High & I, London

Polis campsite


Selfridges...don't judge me.

New York City... just everywhere 

or just feed me to the sharks...

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