Wednesday, 27 July 2011

street beach party!

Continuing in the spirit of the louche summer vibe, tonight I am going to a beach themed street party. No doubt it is going to be awesome, and full of amazingly dressed people.

It is at times like this when I really hate being a stylist. I would just LOVE to put on a pair of shorts and a vest and just GO. I have tried, really really hard, to just not dress up. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Lady Gaga, I'm fully capable of dressing down, but I like to settle on a comfortable middle ground for social functions. After trying on everything in my dressing room at least twice, varying from floaty summer dresses to hot-pants and heels (a combo I am definitely not comfortable with in the slightest), I was literallythisclose to either not going at all, or wearing cut-off's and a t. But I pulled myself together, and stopped worrying about how my ass looks in this, or if my boobs are too small for that, and I remembered what I like best about fashion and style. HAVING FUN.
So here is me having fun with my styling getting ready to go out. laugh at my tan! enjoy my messy room! drink a beer with me!
initially i thought slightly frozen beer would be like an amazing beer slushy. then it exploded a little.

a small portion of mess

this is an old bikini from topshop which i never quite liked, but i fiddled with the straps and now i do! excuse my awkward tan lines please. 

flower power and whatnot

green visor?

or pink? both by Phanos Kyriakou

mess and me

i like lots of bracelets all up my arm like a hippy. 

and i like big awesome rings

and minty green nailpolish

and tangerine toes
Ok now I'm off out, monkey is getting bored waiting for me! hope to see you at the party, peace&love  

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