Thursday, 21 July 2011


 Today was officially my last fashion editorial of the summer. Although it has been a busy time I have really enjoyed the work rhythm that I’ve fallen into, and suspect I’m going to be at a loose end for a couple of weeks until I get into full on slacker mode. I think I’ll try to make the most of the rhythm and finally get round to doing some random shoots for funzies with my monkey or vomgal. Woopwoop.

Our editorial today was for the September issue of Icon. It was kind of inspired by desert nomad/adventurer type so the styling was loose layers with earthy tones, accessorized with thick leather belt bracelets, coloured beads, and light silk scarves. 

Not a very good example, but you'll just have to wait till it's out.

We shot on location at ladies mile, which is always fun to shoot at because you get to off-road the hell out of your car. Monkey (my model for the day) and I drank lots of MONSTER (my favourite new drink, because when you drink it and your energy levels go WAHPAOOWWWW to a new plateau of hyper, you can go “FUCK YEAHHHHH, MONSTERRRRR” and then roar).
 We met pan (photographer in case you are one of the few people reading this who doesn’t know him) and Charis the Bear (assistant photographer and all-round awesome feller). The shoot went fantastically, and as usual we had a fun time doing it. The sun was at a beautiful point in the day, so we were shooting with really warm, rich light (assisted with some excellent reflecting by bear). The light really picked up and enhanced the textures and tones of the clothes so that made everything look even better than I was expecting.

I really love working with a great team, and I am so lucky in the fact that all the people that I shoot with are not only great at their jobs, but are super positive energy. Knowing that you are working with capable people gives you the freedom to really enjoy the shooting process, and in my case, fuck around and take stupid pictures…
pan gets hardcore

i make stupid faces

and some more...
then bear makes stupid faces

and pan makes silly poses

i have lots of clottthhessss

monkey walks about

then is a speedy monkey

Panno takes more pictures

a monkey and a bear fool around in the desert

i take more pictures of everyone fooling around in the desert

my legs are totally that long

then i become a poser

then we both become posers and stare off into the distance whimsically. (hahah. actually accidental)

then we're super posers

Of course by the time we finished shooting, we were hungry and having serious MONSTER withdrawls (ok that was just me), so we went to Dino’s art caf√© (yum.yum). Easily the best part of shooting is the rush you feel when you finally finish. Knowing that you have pushed yourself through the day to create awesome pictures, and then the satisfaction you finally get to sit down and enjoy a meal and unwind. Blissful. 
don't feed the monkey

oh silly bear

pan hates me

pretty trees at sunset. gosh im artistic

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