Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Miss me yet?

I'm not going to apologise again for being erratic with my posts... I think my sporadic entries add to the charm and whimsical way of my blog... ok yeah right, I'm just being lazy and have been enjoying it too much to actually do things (or wear clothes) worth blogging about.

Being a stylist, most people assume that I must buy loads of clothes for myself, since I am always in the shops. But I think it actually makes me buy less (good thing) because I see so much stuff, everyday, it all just kind of lost its appeal... I lost the excitement of shopping. Which is kind of super sad times, as who doesn't love a nice bit of retail therapy??
But on the plus side it does make me appreciate the things I get, as I feel that they are chosen with more care and thought rather than an impulse purchase that i'll regret later.

So here are a few new belongings that I'm loving right now... as modeled by Skinny Minnie.

Suuukkkeeeehhhh! Vampire necklace

Amzing ring by Kalliroy (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kalliroi-Workshop/151927084836373) 
Also equally amazing bracelet by Kalliroy

powwwww leopard print vintage Dolce and Gabbana trousers. Haven't rocked them out yet though... 

Awesome old picture from thrift shop in Larnaca

New additions to my bracelet arm - orange rope one courtesy of my PookieTwin,  and turquoise beads&skulls from Elena :) 

CHIEFFEDDDDD jeans shorts from Monkey, and vintage frame with stitched hunting scene (super kitsch I love it) from the thrift shop in Larnaca
That's enough new stuff to keep me happy for now, but I mean... I'm not going to turn away any gifts that might come my way... just saying... 


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