Friday, 12 August 2011

To make up for the dull post earlier...

Here are terribly fascinating pictures of me getting ready to go get my drank on, friday night style. The feeling behind this outfit is a bit Isabel Marant-esque with the 7/8th length jeans, the (slightly more delicate than i would usually wear) heels, and the scruffy tucking in of a plain cotton t. It isn't a particularly daring outfit but it is perfect for a night out where you aren't quite sure where you might end up. Now the only question is...can I ride my bike in the heels? answers on a postcard please.

Quite girlie pour moi, non? 

stay out of the way of my fist should you see me this evening

yeah i just like making silly faces innit

Powwwww mothereffferrr

my lipgloss is called True Babe...hahaha. 

mastering the art of the messy-tuck in

je suis en poseurrrrr

even more poseeeuurrrr

i like the textures and tones of my rings with the sparkle in my jeans and the worn leather of the belt

just a sort of overall, posey look, whatofit???



  1. Love the outfit! Very daring and different but you pull. it. off. wooooo

  2. thanks sweetie :) i fell over in the shoes telika... fail