Thursday, 13 October 2011

oh woops, forgot you were there...

oh my days. I completely forgot I have blog-responsibilities to maintain. I got caught up in the regular routine of life and work, and no beach or loucheness, and suddenly weeks have gone by with no blogging. So let's see if I remember how this works...

In the last few weeks I have fallen into a pretty nice little cycle of work, home, gym, zumba, little drink, friends, work, shoots, gym, drink drink, gym (I don't actually drink while at the gym, although that might be a genius way to multi-task). I have done some awesome shoots that I am very proud of, and some that I think were not so awesome, but i'll use as a good push to work harder. I have enjoyed a bit of louche drunkeness, but nothing too extreme (and most shocking of all...have consumed NO monster (grrrr)). I always feel like september is kind of like the new year, a new start.  I guess I still have that feeling from school days, when you get back after the summer holidays and it's a whole lot of new; new class, new books, new shoes, new friends. I always like that feeling for the first few weeks, while it's still exciting... then you realise the class just got painted, the books are shit, your shoes are scuffed, and your old friends were better. And everything is exactly the same as before. Melancholy childhood much?

This september, instead of giving up on the newness, the change, the enthusiasm, I'm going to keep pushing it and see where it goes. So far, it is going well... I have been sticking to my working out program and really loving it (I have these things called "triceps", very new, very exciting), I still can't fit into my super-skinny jeans, and shouted at my trainer that I haven't lost any kg's...he says thats because I'm turning my fat into muscle which weighs more... I told him I work in fashion so my muscle needs to be skinny but apparently it doesn't work like that.

Also, my almost-but-not-quite-full-blown-alcoholism has really been knocked to the curb. I now limit myself to minimal quantities, unless it is a special occasion and then all bets are off. I feel somewhat more boring, but a lot less full of shame when I wake up the next day and have to apologise to lots of people for my "hilarious" drunken behaviour.

Monkey and I shook up our energy this weekend when we re-vamped the house completely. Threw out loads of old stuff, moved everything around, it is a whole new house. As you may or may not know about me, I am not a huge believer in things like changing energy and all that hippy whatnot... sorry.. but call me converted. The energy in our house shifted so much it is a totally different environment, and it really cleared a lot shit out of my head so I have been feeling super awesome this week.

Anyway lets have some visuals!

i play with cutest baby evvvver
maawwwhhh he sleeps on me
pan got intimate with model girls in my kitchen

and they flash some boob woopwoop

i make them do silly things while changing outfits
pan does silly things all by himself (while eating SushiLa yumyumyum)
PookieTwin is not boss-eyed
we get lunch drunk (the best kind)
which leads me to trying on dresses in Dolce and Gabbana
Then I get drunk at the beerfest
so drunk i was out of focus
and smoked a stranger's pipe.
Then Pookie and I got new tattoo's! yey! 
I rocked out in my leopard print trousers finally! I love them with all the blues on my wrist

i like my accessories


another shaaaarrrrkkkk
Then it was time for Margarita's birthday party, which is always a very fabulous and random night every year... This year's theme was a Madagascan Ball for Fairies, Dictators and Wild Creatures of the Subconscious...awesome or what?!? So I went as an excommunicated dictator Princess, daughter of the Splendid Queen Ranavalona the Cruel.    

i was excommunicated cause im full of angst
but i still dress like a princess
and also make awesomely mystical head-dresses for the Queen
The Queen
lots of bling bling innit
Family Portrait
This is my dead aunt
"monster grrrrrrr"
yeeeeeyyyyy i am reunited with my love
lovelovelove these shoes and this amazing table. if anyone wants to give me a lovely gift for no reason...they are from Spotlight boutique (28th october street) 

This i MUSTHAVE...Givenchy SHARK TOOTH necklace! 

spot the minnie?

LOOK AT THIS MADNESS!!! my foot is on the model's foot is on the right.... three stars on each....creeeeepy. 

new living room awesomenessss

they say over time, married couples start to merge into one being... 

My Princess and her little Prince 

round two of spot the minnie? 


This picture is for my dear Teddy Westside x

Me by Pan

bearded model. sneak preview for next month's Icon magazine. 
awesomeness. i like edible props
As with all our shoots, we got up to our usual tomfoolery. Not that we need an excuse, but at least we had an actual child today to use as subterfuge to play on the swings and eat noodles. Here is Pan and Princess Tera swinging... on swings.  

 And then we got back to work...obv
the gang hard at work 
Thanks so much for sticking around and reading my ramblings, I will  endeavor to be more frequent in my postings. 


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