Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Champagne Brunch? Don't mind if I do!

So, I'm still trying to catch up on the various exciting escapades that I have been on lately, sorry for the internet jet-lag. Let me try and make some headway now... 

Brux part le deux... 

After the amazing amsterdam adventure, most people might feel like anything in comparison might be a letdown, but obviously not the case with the godsisters. Champagne brunches, Brussels walking tour by night, table dancing, late night falafel, a million cups of tea, nests, Downton Abbey (amazing), shark night 3d, afternoon champagne, and shirtless boys. What more do you need from life? Not much I say. 

I wont go in to too much detail and instead just inundate you with awesome visuals... hurrah! 

mmmm fresh cock's...
so pretty and european!
The Cyprus Contingent rides in style! 

Awesome Cheese Platter at the Champagne Brunch!
Most Delicious Bloody Mary's
a very small celery stick and a godsister 

Lovely Brunch Crew
After hours of champagne brunching, we were disoriented, confused, and mainly drunk. So we nested for 8 hours and drank copious amounts of tea. Around midnight we clicked that it was saturday night and we were drinking tea...so we decided to venture out for a "little ramble and a cocktail"... which turned into a 2 hour walking tour of brussels by night, heckling, brux rage, vodka redbull, shakira, table dancing, falafel, and a 5am downton abbey session. cause thats just how we rolllllll.

late birthday champagne
KHAOS WITH A K.... (possibly Kardashian endorsed?)
It was so Khaotic I kouldn't even handle it
I spent my last day walking around alone in the sun exploring.

And then we drank special brewed cider
and then I left and was sadcakes  

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