Tuesday, 22 November 2011

"Hello Bitchez"

Oh mah daaayzzzzz where do I begin with all the tales that I have stored up for your entertainment. They don't even all take place in Cyprus, that's just how mental I have been lately...I actually left this island! Oh yes, that's right... brussels...amsterdam...monster...vomming...IT'S ALL GO GO GO ROUND HERE!

So the plan was... go to Brussels and find my Godsister...spend my birthday drinking champagne on the train to Amsterdam...and then whatever it is that one does in Amsterdam...and then further shenanigans. But it went something like this instead...

I arrived in Brussels at sunset, on the cusp of a massive full moon. I found a delightful little bar in the square where my Godsisters house is, and sat to enjoy the view of a quaint little market and a glass of red wine. After a while I start to feel... how does one say this like a lady... a little delicate. ahem. Thankfully my G-Sis soon turned up and I managed to just about make it to her house before my stomach literally turned itself inside out through my mouth. Actually that makes it sound a lot more pleasant than it actually was. If you have never had red wine explode out through your nostrils, you just haven't lived people. And I know most of you are probably thinking "but Shona...you vom ALL the time, your alter ego is named vOMGal...surely this was not a situation you were wholly unaccustomed to?" Well...let me tell you just what made the whole experience particularly horrific... it was the first time in, quite possibly, years, that I have VOMMED due to natural causes and not alcohol related injuries, and I forgot just how traumatic it is.

However I am fortunate enough to have the most caring and amazing G-sis who made a nest bed for me, and tea, and this african rice water stuff, and ginger ale, and The William and Kate story (in case you actually want to feel intense discomfort and awkwardness, and a slight prickle of shame at being attracted to "Prince William" who is incidentally way hotter than in real life (obvz), then watch the trailer and it should discourage you from actually watching the whole thing). So all things considered it actually was an AMAZEBALLS birthday spent doing a whole lot of nothing with one of my most favourite people in the world, who can complain about a little vom?

And it actually all worked out for the best, as we went on a day trip to Amsterdam instead, which was even cooler cause we were all like "oh yah, we just went to dam for the day, what of it, that's just how the g-sisters roll". And as you can imagine, godsisterly amsterdam shenanigans were pretty awesomely amazeballs. I don't want to go into too much details, but I can assure you that whatever went down, everything was totes legalz.

I shall tell you about the rest of my trip in another post, because let's face it... I'm not going to have much other material to excite you with, so I don't want to give away all my candy in one go. Let's have a little visuals to go with all this fun vomit talk! (oh but don't worry, no actual vomit pics)

can you see the crazy full moon?
i thought this was an auspicious start to my holiday, clearly mistaken
its a pretty church!
its a building!
thank baby jesus for yanyan snacks on trains
oh..who is that on the streets of Amsterdam...looks familiar...
omg... its totes a pan! 
no waaaay!
amsterdam excitement!

ok it was totes a fake-out... but best birthday present ever 

if a bicycle in amsterdam is telling you it, it MUST be worth listening to!

oh yeah, im just hanging out with my mock wooden car, what of it?

quite pretty no?
might just be the best breakfast ever
very rare burger

my amazing G-sister
Alternative Jenga

we got a little lost

Pan and a houseboat
awesomest dude ever
yes, obviously i bought some
so sad 
a cat in a shop...it was amusing at the time
very much needed some HELP 


Godsister Loving...

a LOT of bikes...
luckily we had restorative yanyan on the train home or I don't know WHAT would have happened! 

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