Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Metamorphosis Project

Here are some more shots from the cool aging project I have been working on for Omikron Magazine. I'm so happy with the finished shots, you will have to wait till the magazine is out to see them, but here is a little taster. The personalities we shot were all so helpful and got so into character, it was really nice to see their enthusiasm for the project and it made it even more worthwhile for the rest of us.

This is actor Andreas Georgiou 

This is TV personality Christina Demetriou. 

This is actress Marina Filippidou

This is actress Maria Ioannou

And of course, on the side...we have a little fun which always helps the hours in the studio go by faster!

The lovely Tanya

 Rocking out in the awesome Borsalino for Max&Co hats -

Monkey vampire! 
I am totally against double-denim...but he is rocking it. 

little weird old lady...(not one of our actresses)
see what I mean? 
And then I went mentalcakes on my face...


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