Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Shut the Front Door!

Ooops... I wrote this a while ago and forgot to publish it! mah bad! please enjoy anyhow, and I promise a new new post asap. xoxo

I WAS NOT HUNGOVER THIS WEEKEND... So deeply impressive no? And for those of you thinking, oh she probably just didn't go anywhere and therefore wasn't tempted by the evils of alcohol... I did go out. And pretty hardcore styley too... party party, dj-ing, klubd-ing...and NO drunken Shona antics! I didn't have to apologise to anyone the next morning, I didn't feel the prickle of shame due to unfortunate drunk texts, I didn't make-out with random inappropriate people, and I didn't wake up in a puddle of my own vom. I went out, I drank in moderation, I danced my ass off, I dj-ed at an awesome party, ate a delicious roast dinner, I had a great time with my friends, I went home at sunrise. All in all, it was way more amazing then it could have been if I had been smashed, so I think this is a great new chapter in the world of vOMGal. I might have to pass my Queen of the Vomitation Nation over to someone else... watch out. 

Here are some shots from my sober week of brilliance-

Minnie mooooo
Where can I gets me a car shark thingy??!
awwwwyeaaaahhhhhh! Feeling the R-Gos Love
Stylish Monkey
ohhhh silly vOMGal

What posssserrrsss
I ate Minnie fur

Nas being amazingly gorgeous 
Hipster Hipstamatic shot. 
My DJ vOMGal outfit
party cake!
Teddy Westside is awesome

And he takes cake cutting very seriously (as it should be!)
Some party Awesome-ness...

A fine gentleman in Tasty's at 5.30am. Who says you have to leave your bottle in the club??
First time I went to bed at sunrise in months.  
Best Sunday Breakfast Ever courtesy of Elz Twinkles! 
Most adorbz dog in the WORLD I think...
Here are some shots of my third favourite photographer Stellaaaarraaaaa.... mwaaah!

Aaaaahhh Hipster Minnnieee

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