Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Grandmother's Dress

My grandmother gave me this dress a few years ago. On top of it being my favourite colour, it has such a great cut and vintage feel to it. My grandmother is an amazing lady, over 80 years old and she is more energetic than I am. She travels the world, works, writes, cooks, teaches and is pretty damn chic while doing it all.

She has taken to handing down amazing items from her wardrobe to me, my mother and my sister, which we are only too happy to receive. I love that I have something thats not only historic, but personal. It makes me imagine my grandmother in the 50's getting dressed to go out for dinner with my grandfather. Putting on a touch of red lipstick, fixing her stylish, short hair, maybe adding a necklace. He is dapper as always, in a suit and tie, maybe a little pocket square, his hair brushed back, neat. They go out for dinner, maybe somewhere along the Corniche, maybe alone, maybe with friends. They eat, share some wine, maybe walk home, him supporting her slightly if she had worn high heels.

It makes me happy to imagine the memories that these items contain, the history from within my family. And it makes me proud to wear them, putting a little bit of my personal history in a modern setting.  

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