Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year

I always feel hopefully optimistic at the start of the new year. You make resolutions that you hope to keep, you feel slightly renewed (once the hangover wears off anyhow), you make plans for what you want to achieve in the coming year, diets, gym, less alcohol, less predatory-ness. And then about a week or two in.... it all kind of goes to shit and you fall back into old routines and habits.

Last new years I was all like, "2010 sucked ass, bring on 2011 I'm gonna rock the shit outta it, woopwoop" and suchlike. And then I proceeded to have the most difficult, challenging, soul-searching year (so far that is). Without being overly dramatic, there were a few times where I really didn't think anything would be ok ever again, that I would never really be ok ever again. But all things considered, I think I'm doing just fine, on some days maybe even better than just fine. Life is pretty funny like that, it can hurl shit at you so fast you don't know where to even begin picking up the pieces, and you just deal, you manage, you get by, you get better, until one day you look back and a year has passed you by, and you're still here, still alive, still being awesome. So it can't be that bad all things considered.

And when I look back on my last year, at the end of the day, the good memories far outnumber the bad. I suppose it's down to the fact that the bad things injure your soul so much more than the good stay in your heart. I'm not really one to make resolutions, but one thing I am going to try and hold on to for the new year (aside from having deleted facebook) is to focus more on the happy moments in my life, and try and let whatever bad things come my way not hurt my soul.
So now, when I look back at 2011, I'm not going to focus on whatever hurt I went through. Instead I'm going to think of the good times. The amazing friends who made me laugh and let me cry. Trips to new places, Godsisterly awesomesauceness. Having a great time while doing great photoshoots. Spending summer at the beach, and getting trashed and predatory on VODKAMONSTER. Parties and dressing up. Spending the day lying in bed watching Gossip Girl (shh don't tell anyone, it's my guilty pleasure) and cuddling Minnie. When I see it written down, and when I look through my photo's, it's actually been a really awesomesauce year, I hope that 2012 can top it.
Here are some of the highlights of my year,

My princess had a little prince
My papa was weird and lurked behind walls
Beirut was beautiful
I ate yummy food
I went snowboarding
I saw awesome boys
I rode around on cruiser bikes with monkeys and models
I got to drive a bad-ass car (even if it was just for a day)
Got dressed up like mentalcakes

I styled baby
I went back to blonde
Ate yummers cake
Monkey moved in
Did some beach planking
Partied it up with awesome peoples

Finally got a pink leg knife!!

Went to the magic place
with my awesomesauce Godsister

Partied Vomgirl style

I camped it up

with a for reals monkey!
I did a lot of this
Got hated on by a burnt photographer
got a bit burnt too
I got some mad props 
Went road tripping
And drank a lot
And then drank a lot in a pool
then drank more in a pool
I embraced florals
I got rowdy at a basketball game
I fell over in heels and knocked a shot into someone's eye

I cuddled baby
I got to see this amazing view
I had lovely times with friends
Vomity times
And long distance times
I was rowed in a boat on a lake
I had fun times on shoots

Cuddled Minnie a lot
May have gone slightly banana's at times

Had lunch cocktails

With my amazing boss-eyed Pookie
I got some new tattoos 

Got blinged up
And dressed like Madagascan royalty
I had more cuddles with Minnie

And drank cocktails from lit up glasses!
Got drunken with lots of fun peoples
Took some gross pictures
I was lady gaga
I lazed in parks on sunday afternoons
I got licked by a monkey
Bought amazing sparkly shoes
Had brilliant adventures (round two) with my Godsister

Dj-ed with The Apostle and Pan the Man
Drank too much monster
Decided to grow a fro
Cooked some amazing meals
Had brunch on my sunny balcony
Did some awesome Djing, Vomgal style
I walked around a lot
ate more deliciousness
Had Xmas fun with the fam 

Ate even more delicious food

Saw some owls.
All in all, a pretty fucking amazing year. I hope all of you look back at the past year and have as many happy memories as I do. I look forward to many more adventures with you in the new year.



  1. OMG Sounds like a great year S! Love the pictures. (Pink knife! Hahaha) Here's to another good year! xoxo

  2. fantastic. if only the world were a little more like shona.

  3. peace love soul in your 2012 x

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments :) I just hope i get to share more amazeballs times and adventures with you in 2012 xxxx