Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Like a high-five from baby jesus

So there I am riding my ladybike home from town at sunset the other day, feeling very at peace with the world, very happy and positive and overflowing with good vibes (holy crap, I'm an accidental hippy aren't I?) and then POWWWWW.... I look ahead and see this... which literally left me speechless with awesomeness. There is something so instantly magical about sunset, and this one was so spectacular that I leapt from my bike and ran into the middle of the street so I could get a better picture of it (I was forward thinking enough to check there were no cars coming, obv). It was like an affirmation from somewhere (I'm not religious, so I'm not saying it was from baby jeez (but we're cool)) like a little reminder that things are all good, and life is on a pretty sweet path. so yey to that kitties.

We decided to shake things up a little on yesterday's Bike Crew Ride and instead of going on the path, we roamed the streets of town. My suppressed loucheness caught up with me and I ditched the ride to go down to Xaratsi for a beer instead...naughty but totes worth it. But we made our way back to each other in the end, so it all worked out just fine, justifying my alcoholism.

This is tonight at Omikron Gallery and should be awesome, come down an support arrrrtttt and culllturrree sweetie darlings!

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