Monday, 24 October 2011

Just call me Mrs Ryan Gosling

Today's post is going to take a slightly different route.
Today's post is entirely dedicated to Ryan Gosling, and how we are truly meant to be.
Any men, or Ryan haters (as if those exist!), stop reading now.
Ok, here we go.

Now, I'm not the kind of girl who goes for someone based purely on looks or a fit body... but I mean...umm... you know.. just... wow...
 Sorry lost my train of thought there for a bit. I was counting ALL his abs. 

And then there is this...

WHAT A PRETTY EFFING FACE!!! He just looks like the kinda guy who is going to make you breakfast in bed and then show you a seriously good time. hubba hubba hubba hubba... I don't think I can say hubba enough times to FULLY have you grasp just how HUBBA I think he is.

But in all seriousness... don't we just look great together...
ok it might not be the best picture ever, but I think our compatibility comes across quite well wouldn't you agree?

Then of course, there is this:

Show me a girl who didn't shed a tear during the Notebook, and i'll show you a heartless bitch.

Just in case you want to watch it and pretend you are Rachel McAdams (that lucky lucky girl):

The reason I love him so very much, is he just comes across as such a chilled out, nice, easy going guy. As hot as he is, he doesn't seem to play into it... he seems charming and even slightly bemused as to why exactly millions of women want to bang him senseless. [Sidebar, I'm not one of those millions of women, cause I'm going to lock that down, whutwhhhhutttt]

Then there is this..
Did you watch it... I can't actually feel my knees... or any other particle of my being. And he cares about Darfur... WHAT MORE DOES A GIRL WANT FROM A GUY!? Good kisser, AND a social conscience, if there is some sort of catch I don't want to know about it.

Now obviously, my love for him is just so overwhelming I really can't go into it in too much detail, as you would all be sad that you haven't met your Ryan yet. So instead, please take a look at the most amazing, Ryan related tumblr ever...
It is so funny, that Ryan even reads some out during an interview, and is so delightfully charming, that I just fall for him all over again...

I really am just on Ryan overload right now... need to go look at more pictures of him with no top on.


ps, just realised that this is the first blog post EVER where I haven't mentioned Minnie or Monster.. and that wouldn't be right.
I was initially going to use my impressive photoshop skills to create a pic of my future husband cradling Minnie, but I'm kinda photoshopped out for the day... and then I found this, which compounds the fact that we are MFEO... he loves his dog as much as I love Minniiieeee!


Ok now I am way too over excited... it's a creepy hybrid...

ok that's enough now. 

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