Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This is NOT about Ryan Gosling...

In case anyone is still reading this blog, after the OBSCENE amount of Ryan Gosling featured yesterday let's go for something a little more normalsauce today, yeah?

Recently I have been thinking about aging, due to the fact that I have been working on a cool project for Omikron where we take some known faces from tv/media/society and use mad awesome make-up skillz to age them...you know...just for shits and giggles.
So one of our subjects, sitting there having her make up done, is discussing the clothes with me and looking pretty worried about it all. I guess in her mind, us aging her meant that we would dress her in a shapeless, tasteless sack. Obviously, as soon as I whipped out the gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana outfit, her fears were allayed. But it got me thinking about her reasoning; does she feel that aging implies one loses their style, their identity, their poise? I feel the total opposite, surely as you get older you become more confident in who you are, self assured and generally KICK ASS? Now, that's not to say that I am thrilled at the thought of wrinkles, sagging and well, the inevitable- death, but I am willing to see the positives there too.
I know I definitely can't wait to be old enough that it is completely acceptable to act totally bat shit crazy, and people just roll their eyes and whisper to each other that you should be committed to a home.

Another bonus - free travel in London for over 60's!

Annnnddd lets take a look at some pictures while I am still somewhat compos mentis.

Minnie makes her first trip to Dolce
The aging process in action
backstage shots
Minnie enjoying the sun in the studio
She is just too cute 
Monkey falls asleep on the job. Lucky Minnie is on the ball
More Minnie Loving! 
So then after shooting, I thought the best way to celebrate my youth was to go out and party my pert(ish) backside off... so I did... and here are my lovely friends at the end of the night, little worse for wear but delightful anyway!

And then I continued my excitement for life and all its awesomeness while walking Minnie and taking in my neighbourhood. There is something so simple beautiful about blue sky, green trees, and bougainvillea. And you know me and nature are only on so-so terms...so this is a big deal for me to admit to - But I really do love it.

 And this is just GROSS (but at least he is smiling)


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