Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloweenie

Hello kitty's, I trust you are all recovering well from the madness of your Halloween weekend. For those of you still partying, woop - rock on, you are way more hardcore than I could ever dream of being.

My weekend made me realise that I need to SHUTITDOWN on the alcohol. I seem to say that quite a lot, and then not really follow it up too well. Makes me think that its turning into a bit of an "issue" shall we say, not quite full-blown enough to stage an intervention or anything, but it's getting a lil rowdy up in hurr.

After a long week of shoots, shoots, and more shoots, I definitely needed to unwind and blow off some steam. But apparently my problem isn't blowing off a little steam, but the fact that when I'm done blowing off steam all that's left is a teary pile of vomit and shame. [I will get to that story in due course].

This past week we shot Cosmopolitan's december story, and we decided to do a night shoot. So much fun! Tiring for sure, but actually so energetic to be running around the streets downtown at night, changing the model behind cars, watching random dudes get arrested, getting heckled by passing cars, and doing a bit of a street disco just for shits and giggles. the dummy... 
downtown traffic
i make stupid faces while we do location scouting. 
my lovely model of the day...well night actually. 
monkey business...ha...haha...
lovely team of people i get to work with
highlight of the night, I found Minnie's dog twin!
best shot of the night

So the day after the night shoot, we did another street shoot. This was a little worse, as it was in daylight, which made it harder for the model to shield her nakedness from passing cars... she almost caused a few pile ups, but it came out very cool. 


yeah, i make my models pose by garbage bins, what?

the challenge of outdoor changing is half the fun.
especially when models wear knee high boots...
monkey took this nice pic of me colour co-ordinating with Marilyn.
So then friday hit, and everything went a little shitwards... how so you ask... well here it is - 
i got sucked in by the allure of friday afternoon wine... 
and everything around me was suddenly just so beautiful
colours were brighter, and life just seemed so good soaked in wine 
Massoura's awesome red accesorising
Lia is absolutely mental
Pan is his usual charming self
Baret's head is as big as ever
i get more drunkenly out of focus
but at least at this point i can still strike a pose and ridiculous face
oh silly face
Yeeeyy silly face thats not my silly face!
more silly faced-ness
and that's just plain mentalcakes
And then somehow....this happened...

Yep. I drank things that were on fire. Correction, I drank things that were on fire, at 7pm. Next thing I's saturday morning. And I am being told by Monkey, that he arrived home at 10pm, only to find me incoherent in my bed, surrounded by upchuck, and upon seeing him, I burst into tears. I like to think they were tears of happiness that he had come to look after me, but I think they were tears of shame and upchuck sadness. Unfortunately my shame didn't end there, as several hours of sleep later, I found my phone. Why, oh why, does my super clever, can do pretty much anything iPhone NOT have a sensor on it that determines my level of drunkness (perhaps through the sheer amount of miss-spelled words in a text? just a thought) - AND THEN JUST AUTOMATICALLY TURN OFF. please? Because upon reading my messages, my shame levels soared so drastically that I actually had to send multiple apology texts, including one asking the recipient to just delete my number. Saturday was a really proud day for me, really reached a new high in awesomesauce-ness. fail. 
But I managed, in true vOMGal fashion, to turn it around, and recovered enough by evening to bust out my spectacular Halloween outfit. 

oh yes...lady Gaga skeleton bitchezzzz


even awesome skeletons need a tasty's gyro
Then I had one of those amazing sundays that just remind me of being in London... lying about in parks with a bunch of friends, in gorgeous weather, and going wherever the day happens to take you. I think I have been nostalgic for those kind of days lately, so it came at a really great time.


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