Tuesday, 18 October 2011

new and improved blog!

... i tried to lure you in with a promise of excitement in the title...but it was a decoy, a decoy! ha! ha!

Sorry, it has been a long day of possibly inhaling large quantities of an unknown toxin (accidentally by the way) while shooting in the studio, so my mind is a little fuzzy still. Anyway the newness of which I refer is in the blog title... I finally decided on a name. It came to me in a rush of clarity through the haze of poisonous gasses... so it must be good. No no, just messing, it was one of those middle of the night, drifting to sleep ideas that pop into your head and you usually forget, except luckily I wrote it down. Hurrah!

So the official title is based on the main points of topic that I seem to delve into while rambling -
Models - cause you know, I look at them, style them, and occasionally touch them innappropriately (JOKES! it's always upsettingly appropriate)
Monster - mmmmmmm monster. yum. I actually picked up a can the other day before a long shoot to get that extra little bit of monster GRRRR energy...and I had to use my other more sane hand (its the right one btw) to forcibly remove the can from my basket and put it back. But monster (grr) will always be an important part of my life and my blog.
Minnie - aw minnie moooo. Can't really get through much without my little dog. She is just too awesome and adorable (and luckily named) to not star in the title
Me- well... you know, I'm alright and what not... Don't like to big myself up too much...so i'll just have a little end credit whatevz.

Ok lets have some visualisations of my week so far... unfortunately no hot men yet... bummer... but please keep reading and I promise more nudity to come soon...

omgeeeee its a teeny tiny minnnnieeee 

yoga ladies in the park flashing bum

minnie had a very happy puppy playdate 

then i got drunk with AWESOME flashy glasses that changed colour

and then there were lights...

that also changed colour...

clearly i was drunk as they captured my attention 

for quite a long time... 

but then there was a DONKEY and i was like...pppfff lights, who gives an eff, lets play with the donkey instead! 

i was very hungover the next day but i did see this lovely sky which helped my recovery somewhat

very amused that someone called their bar miou...like a little cat... 

IS THIS THE NEW MONSTER?!?! just kidding, there is only ONE monster for me. But I did discover "Russian Power" in the health food section so maybe it's the better option... somehow im guessing not so much... 

man in front of me is clearly gearing up for a dirty night... all he bought was wine and three cans of Axe deodorant 

Today I took Minnie to work with me in the studio 

and thought it would be HILARIOUS to make her stand in these AMAZEBALLS Dolce sequin brogues (which i very badly want by the way)...

see..so it looks like she has little shoes on... i am funny no? 

or maybe the gas was starting to get to me, Liz Lemon style (30 rock, season 5 episode 20)

but then she kept her little paws in there so maybe she liked it...or maybe the gas was getting to her too.

must sleep now....


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  1. Lovely pictures... we take Nature to mean natural simple instinct as opposed to self-conscious culture - which i suspect it's sphere is where this blog belongs, the work produced under this influence is always old-fashioned, antiquated, and out of date.
    ....one touch of nature may make the whole world kin, but two touches of nature will destroy any work of Art.