Wednesday, 2 May 2012

aaaaand we're back

Hola kitties, how goes it in the miserable weather? What a bummer having an awesome bank holiday yesterday, only for it to be shrouded in dust (dussst, bit of dusssttt?) clouds, and no hint of beach time. Even bigger bummer, waking up today to rain, rain, and oh what's that...some more rain. Don't get me wrong, I like me some moody weather, but it is not in the slightest bit conducive to my working day. It isn't exactly fun to tramp around from shop to shop while getting soaked, carrying a million bags and getting sprayed by careless drivers. Oh well, let's look at some happier times - This is my April
ohhhhhh so cuttte
omg even more cuttteeee 
mmmm ate lots of yummy amazing birthday cake 
stelz being awesome
ice cold beer - one of the best things in life
pretty crisp spring days, so hubba
moody looking days about town 
nights out that turn into early misty mornings.
the happiness of knowing there are other naughty late night kitties out there too (not naming names) 
oh how delightful...nature...yeah it's pretty and whatnot. 
yeah i gots a pup in my hoody what of it? 
fun fun in the sun! 
zara got her boobs out in the park - shocker - but she did it for baby jeezus. 
and then this happened... we're still getting over it.  
had bike ride adventures and stumbled upon magical objects
had drunk adventures and was gifted awesome objects
got to hang out on the dock while doing Cosmo editorial
some are hard at work while I mess around and take pictures
oh so pretty

my lovely model for the day
my lovely companions for the day
Ok must go, wine is calling out to me..."shona" it's saying, "shona, come drink me, I've missed you so much, you've been neglecting me of late and we need to rectify the situation" (in a French accent)

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