Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nicosia, I love you.

Awesomest bike ride ever! Today the poilates (find the page on facebook and join HERE) crew united for a ride along the completed pathway that runs from behind Gladstonos street all the way to Lakatamia. It was a great work out (slightly spoilt by drinking beer at the end) and loads of fun to be in a bike crew. We managed the journey with no injuries to ourselves or any of the pedestrians on the pathway (although I did almost wipe out a small child on a bike who didn't get out the way fast enough, but I managed to avert the potential mishap). The main accomplishment of the day, for me at least, was mastering the no-hands riding, complete with random poses such as "the tea-drinker" "the vogue" "the warrior pose" and "the shark". You can find and attempt these poses too in this awesome how-to video (courtesy of my co-rider Myria), although I may have made a few of mine up. But they are awesome, and totally hipster. As am I. 

The pathway is really amazing, so green and foresty, and it is so cool to see that its being used by so many different people (although slightly annoying when pedestrians decide not to move to the side of the path to allow bikers to pass). We saw joggers, walkers, strollers, a wheelchair, kids learning to ride their bikes, some hardcore bikers in spandex, I attempted to bike-high-five all oncoming bikers and managed about a 50% success rate...but I guess not everyone is capable of pulling off a one handed bike move plus a moving high five, so I'll allow for it. 
Everything hurts, so enjoy the pics and please join for the next ride!


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