Friday, 4 May 2012

Shit just got real!

Yeah...that's right... there is a seriously angry lemon situation rocking out in my kitchen. It's like the Liz Lemon of Lemons. Serious el Tejon badger Liz Lemon face. 
Like this: 
See what I mean? 

Quick palate cleanser- Here is Minnie being freaking adorable in the sun this morning - 

In other exciting news - tonight is the opening of a brilliant new space called ΑΙΩΝΕΣ, which is part antique shop, part cafe/bar created by the awesome Istoria (aka Lydia Mandridou aka my Vomgal-in-crime) You can find more info on the event here  -check it out.  

So I look forward to seeing people out tonight for drunken funtimes, and hopefully I will have exciting debauched vomit related stories to share with you all tomorrow. 

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