Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hello kittens. I'm a bit out of sorts today, but there is nothing like a bit o'side-boob to cheer oneself up. I am a mega big fan of side-boob, personally I think it's my best and most flaunted feature.
However aside from Peter Griffin's side-boob hour on PTV (Season 4, Episode 14 for trailer click here), side-boob hasn't had very much exposure (see what I did there? that was some solid wordplay).

I mean obviously now and again the odd celebrity pops up flashing a bit of the old side-boob, or in an editorial or whatnot. But I feel like it's never really gained the recognition it truly deserves,  as a kind of modern day cleavage if you will. (and on the plus side, it works out great for ladies such as myself who don't have the option of rocking a hardcore cleavage due to lack of boobage). However, all that changed last night as Gwyneth Paltrow showed up at the Met Ball in a totes full-sideboobalicious Prada dress.
I mean... thats a hell of a lot of side-boob. I think when your side-boob is visible as side-boob, but from the front of your dress... that's just a little too much side-boob for my liking. Anyway I suppose now it's going to become a thing (like Angelina Jolie's thigh at the Oscars), which I guess I'm happy about as long as people respect the boundaries and rules of side-boob. I have managed to use the word side-boob 12 times in a few paragraphs so I think it might be time to stop rambling and go to bed. It's been a long and trying day. 


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