Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cosmopolitan shoot innit

Yo sunday kitties, how's it shaking? Hungover much? I am slightly crippled and ache all over after some mentalcakes dancing in massive heels last night, but it was totally worth it. Although it makes me feel rather old that it takes a whole day to recover after a night out. What has become of me?! 

So, as promised, here are some backstage shots from my Cosmopolitan fashion editorial last week. I realised it has been rather a while since the last time I made a work related post... please don't get the wrong impression and think I'm some sort of slacker who does one editorial a month. I've been up to my side-boob in shoots, but just none of them excite me enough to document and actually blog about. 

Cosmopolitan is my awesomest work of the month, so it makes me happy that I get to share it before the actual magazine comes out, and give you a glance into the goings on behind the scenes. Although that usually just entails us making RIDICULOUS faces and faffing about... and obviously some awesome work too. But the best part is that it never feels like work when you are shooting with a team of people that rock. You can have a laugh in the middle of a shot, you get to be relaxed because you have total faith in everyone's abilities, and you just enjoy the day rather than stressing about the little things. I think that makes the end result so much better too. 

This month's editorial (for the july issue) was a sunset beach shoot. It was all shot quite close up (thank baby jesus because heels in sand is no fun for a stylist) with the sea and sunset as a background. The fact that we didn't have different backgrounds to work with each shot put more pressure on me to make sure each shot looked really interesting stylistically, as the focus is all on the model, her poses, and my styling. But I think it all came together really nicely, the hair and make up worked really well with the styling. And the model was really great and totally got what kind of vibe we wanted to achieve so her poses really rocked and made everything look even cooler. The styling was essentially quite simple, as it was all swimsuits, so there was a lot of emphasis on the accessories. Loads of necklaces, bracelets and huge earrings in gold tones to catch the sun and the flash. 

Anyhizzles, I hope it comes out looking as cool as I want it to as I was really happy with our results. Here are some silly backstage shots of us being ridiculous and other tomfoolery, enjoy. 
For some reason I just love this road in Pervolia, the sun always hits through the trees really spectacularly. 
That's my feet being feety.  
Pan being sillycakes
Little bit of off-road adventuring
Hair stylist putting some final touches on the model's hair
Pancakes looking like a pro. 
Igor the dog, and the very conveniently located mattress we found on the beach 
Pan being a poser
I don't know why I am incapable of making a normalsauce face. Ever. 
More silly face
More Pan being a poser
And then some more...
...and more. oh my how do we get any work done with all this malarkey?
My friend is special. (and an awesome make up artist, but don't tell her I said that)

And oh so sweet!
More finishing touches
My pretty model of the day!

Clearly Igor is trying to be the new Minnie and get onto the pages of Cosmo. 
Model getting her pose on

Oh so silllllyyyy!
Yaaayyy for some group sillyness!!


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