Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bike Epicness part deux

 The bike crew hit the path once again this week, bigger and better than ever... actually maybe not better, as we were plagued by about four flat tires during the ride which was a bit of a bummer. We have however joined forces with the Micromania bike crew, to form one massive bad-ass bike gang. We go round knocking children off bikes, stealing ice creams, and generally terrorizing the citizens of Nicosia. Muhahahaha. Kidding obviously (although one of our newest recruits did have a little incident involving a child, although the blame was appropriated at 50-50).

The best part of this ride was going off-road adventuring at some point along the path and finding a random lake with hills and jumps and a little half-pipe style track. So we had some funzies jumping around like pro's (well ok, most of the group are pretty effing-pro...but I just fake it, shhh). Actually I did manage to not die, and actually kind of rocked a super steep, slightly dangerous hillside... and didn't wipe out or fly off the's because the i-phone bike dj was rocking some 80's Madonna...and no one can die listening to 80's Madonna.

We are currently still accepting new recruits, for a limited time only. Acceptance into the crew is dependent on your bike skillz such as; one (or no) handed riding, tricks, jumps, biking outfits, no-hands moves (bonus points if you invent and execute new ones), and a love of a post-ride beer.

Must dash- SVOURA tonight x


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