Thursday, 3 May 2012

Still here what?!

So here we are, third day in a row. You sick of me yet? I'm quite unbearable at times, I know. Sorry for that friends, I'll work harder at being bearable. yeaaaaahhh right, IM AWESOMESAUCE just the way I am.
And without further ado - here are my two favourite pictures of the day. They are both text related, which I think is cool, I like how a few words in a random place can change your mood so completely.

Found this on my way to eat lunch. I'd just picked up a delicious falafel sammich, and was walking to Elz to finally sit down and eat. I'd had to park quite far so I was walking along, counting my steps so I could get to her place and stuff my face with falafel yummyness. Walking and walking...and I looked up, and BAM this was right in front of me. Awesome.

This started in my fruit bowl the other day. There was a lost pen sitting next to the lemons, so I picked up the pen (obviously I got bored while trying to cook my quinoa) and wrote "I am a lemon"... happened to look in the bowl today and found "so am I". Obvz I fell over giggling, as it was so unexpected and silly (it was also mind blowing that a lemon managed to write on itself! ok, kidding it was obviously Monkey). And then clearly lemon number three was jealous and had to make a grand statement....I wonder who is gonna get involved tomorrow??! Tune in to find out. 


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