Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Sorry for being somewhat of a slack-alice lately, got caught up in wedding-ing, weekend shenanigans and whatnot. But you know, I have to experience things in order to be able to have some sort of excitement to write about, no?
The main highlight of late was being the maid of honour for my lovely ladyfriend Tania. I am no good with churches and priests, and weddings and tears... I'm good at the drinking and dancing portion of the evening so I did ok then... but I was a bit of a nervous mess until the booze started flowing. Especially as I had many awkwardly hilarious tasks to perform that I was unawares of... like dancing round the bride to a room full of people. Yeah I looked like a tit. But it was awesome. I also managed to behave somewhat normalsaucely in the church, which took a great deal of restraint on my part, especially when I was forced to embellish the truth about being baptised to the priest (I thought the church would burst into flames). But all went relatively dramz free, which was awesome. And the party was great- dancing round barefoot like a little child is always fun.
Me dancing round like a tit
The happy couple and parents!
Barefoot dancing like a tit. 

The rest of the weekend was sun-filled and fancy-free, my tan is getting pretty epic already considering it is only May (biggest benefit of living on a sunny island)  
Roof tanning madness
Little ladybird friend that attacked me on the beach!
That would be my posey suntan face. 
And as I haven't actually uploaded many of my finished shoots, but rather just silly behind the scenes shots, here are some of my latest Cosmopolitan editorials -
Cosmopolitan March issue. Photographer- Panagiotis Mina, Styling- Shona Muir. Hair- Marios Neofytou Make up- Ilona Garamvolgyi Model- Janna (Ace Models Greece) 

Cosmopolitan April Issue. Photographer- Panagiotis Mina. Styling- Shona Muir. Hair- Costandinos Manjiokas Make up- Eliana Mandrides Model- Paulina (Ace Models Greece)

Cosmopolitan May Issue. Photographer- Panagiotis Mina. Styling- Shona Muir. Hair- Costandinos Manjiokas Make up- Ilona Garamvolgyi Models- Katie and Toffi (Voch Models Cyprus)

So there you have it, all the running around and organising and sillyness on shoot days all culminates in this- Pretty cool no?


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