Saturday, 5 May 2012

I want to be a proper lady

I wore a wig last night, for the opening of the awesome antique shop bar/cafe (which freaking rocks and you should all go there if you haven't already). I decided to dress in the decade of 70's, and the monkey created an amazeballs wig look for me to go with my outfit. After spending the night in the wig I have decided it might be time to grow my hair long again (sidebar- yes that's right, I did at one time actually look like a proper girlie girl with long hair). I just felt so feminine and flouncy with my long wig and 70's vibe, man.

I have a shitton of awesome pictures and tales of the evening, which I will share as soon as possible, but right now I must dash as I have a wedding to crash and I need to decide what wig to wear for the evening. (oh yeah, until my hair manages to grow to a normalsauce length, ie two years, I am going to sport a variety of wigs. That way I can also be super inconspicuous teeheeeee)

Here is my outfit and wig: what do we think of long haired shona? Feedback please.


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  1. love the long hair!!!!! go for it!!!!!!!!!!